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Kwanele Ngidi

Hi, I'm Kwanele Ngidi. Welcome to my profile!

Kwanele Ngidi's Bio:

Kwanele Ngidi is a highly driven individual with good communication skills acquired in the Library field of work and I am highly motivated and goal-oriented Individual seeking to further my knowledge and experience in any possible way. With strong computer skills I bring the best out of my work with an ability to adapt to changes and also willing to learn new things as the world is getting more advanced and digital, I have worked under pressure more than I can remember, Looking for any opportunities available to enhance my character I do what I enjoy so I tend to be good at what I do and I have positive outlook and passion for succeeding.

Kwanele Ngidi's Experience:

Kwanele Ngidi's Education:

Kwanele Ngidi's Interests & Activities:

Reading, Music, Gardening and Socialising

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